Monday, November 24, 2008

The story so far

Is the York University TA strike part of something bigger? It might be: according to their own internal planning documents, CUPE is trying to synchronize the end dates of all its locals at Ontario universities, with the goal of forcing the Provincial government to the bargaining table to secure a new deal for universities. At York, a two-year deal is a key union demand, on which the administration has counter-offered a three-year deal.

Joey Coleman, one of the "on campus" bloggers for Macleans, suggests that the two-year deal is the real sticking point in negotiations.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a 3903 member, and I can say (anonymously, unfortunately) that the 2010 thing is definitely not the real sticking point in negotiations. Nobody's really discussed it, and the Employer doesn't seem to bring it up. My understanding is that it's hardly discussed at the negotiation table, as well -- if at all.

The proposal itself is unsettling for me, however.